Miracles Have Lifted Me Above Fate

Miracles list in brief:

Childhood: * (noted at bottom) Mt. Chocorua NH—Divine rescue and mysterious fire in cabin age 8 1966—page 2.

Teen years: Movement through time 6 hours into the future age 16 and Stone of Destiny declaration 1974; dream of future: visual details of USMC training field at Parris Island 6 months in advance—age 17 1975.
Adulthood: Prayer for meaning of existence in a loveless age and subsequent visitation of three globular craft on 9-26-76 at Manchester MA.

Divine rescues (2) from otherwise fatal highway accident in blizzard of ’78 near Ft. Worth age 18—thoughts and actions were guided to thread car though scene; and from being otherwise stranded (3); at night in desert of northern Nevada later that same year—car was literally picked up and moved 176 miles to the east where there was an open service station to purchase gas; in 1979, (4) a tire and wheel that had broken off of an old trunk hauling junk while traveling at 65 mph was deflected from hitting windshield at last fraction of a second before impact—some invisible force struck and deflected it at a right angle just inches from impact where it then crossed to the opposite side of road and landed underneath an oncoming car forcing it to come to an abrupt stop; 1980: a mysterious white light shone on a hotel (5) in Key West where I began performing on piano at major hotels thereafter—this light came from the north while the sun was setting in the west (I had been homeless just prior to this).

On the day of the 1981 election in Paradise event and the minor child and dice incident, two angels or saints from the distant past were walking in the same direction I was heading and then disappeared; on the very next day, I spoke what would happen that same night to two mean men who had taken over a girl and her apartment with theri pile of stolen stereos piled up there and were cooking drugs over her stove—they were arrested for sneaking into a concert and for drugs—and I advised her to go home with her mother which she did. In 1982, a dream and a vision (6) were given to keep me from being trapped within the walls of religion. That same year, I prayed for the Lord to choose my wife and then Cherie appeared in 1984 glowing in His light with His Name written on her. That same year, my lower back sciatica was healed (7?) though the laying on of hands at a revival in Salem Massachusetts—I had directed all of the congregation to do this and then never went back. In 1985, I was given a gift of botanical forest care which later resulted in awards and letters of praise. In 1986, after being made able to subdue a negative alien interaction from a small percentage of visitors, the 1981 Election in Paradise account was autonomically drawn in detail and color. In 1988 came four miracles: I was guided to a place where we became motel/apartments managers in the California Redwoods—the person who opened this door was from Maine; had rescued an angel unawares (Redwoods) who seemed at the moment to be in a car accident; a replacement U-Haul tire was provided (7?) in a remote section of British Columbia at an isolated service station which appeared over a rise right when my U-Haul tire went flat—a Moose happened to have wrecked a trailer of the same size a few days before. The owner was from Maine and didn’t charge me for the tire; and then came the Conservation Exchange Vision at Bigelow Preserve Maine. In 1989, I healed three “incurable” patients from their illnesses and circumstances that were developmentally disabled children with other disease complications who were tossed away in a state facility. And many of the children were warmed and inspired by my music which I would freely perform for them in a personalized fireside setting. Later that year, came the miracle of light shone on a particular Bible scripture pertaining to the prophets who arose from their tombs in Jerusalem when Christ arose--a little undestood and seldom taught scripture.

In the 1990s, there were significant acts of helping the cause of the mentally ill though one on one comfort and supports to integrating patients onto the board of mental health to performing arts board membership and performances nation wide. Then there were awesome and revealing visions finally coming to a head with my meeting with a peaceful coalition of worlds. The end of that decade rounded off with National Forest recreation area and campground management where further skills of forest (and people) care were demonstrated and given public praise. Enter the 21st century and the story continues on. Upon reading this (and having the list staring me in the face), I prayed in tears saying: “You have done all these magnificent things though I don’t deserve them. And I have repaid you with sin, pain, doubt, anger and fear. Please make me a perfect representative of the Kingdom. And He said: “You already are.”


The Greatest Encounter of All